Autosaint understands the concern parents feel when their child starts driving independently. Our policies require telematics boxes to be fitted into your child’s vehicle, meaning their driving behaviour will be recorded. By doing so, they often receive cheaper insurance than a non-telematics policy and can use the feedback from the Autosaint Go app to become a safer driver.

With our values for safe driving, affordable insurance and great customer service, we strive to assure parents that their sons and daughters are insured with a reputable and trustworthy insurance broker.

Our sales and customer services team are used to dealing with parents’ enquiries and are on hand to help you with anything you may need.

Fitting the box

Your Autosaint Box is fitted out of the way, you wont even know it’s there!

How it works

Find out how Autosaint can save you £££s - and make you a safer driver.

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